Aluminum Repair FAQs

Q. Can any collision shop repair my vehicle which has aluminum sheet metal?

A. No. Shops must invest in specialty tools, equipment and training in order to be able to make proper

(safe) aluminum repairs. Ask the shop if they are certified or recognized by your vehicle manufacturer or

by the Assured Performance Network for aluminum repairs

Q. I’m concerned. Doesn’t aluminum easily dent?

A. No, the high strength aluminum used in newer vehicles is actually stronger than most comparable weight

steel. And it will last longer without corroding.

Q. I’ve heard you need to use special tools to repair aluminum?

A. Yes. Aluminum is not as malleable as steel, meaning it as no “memory” and is more difficult to repair.

Shops much use separate (from steel) tools and a segregated bay to avoid cross-contamination.

Q. So what does cross-contamination mean?

A. It means that if aluminum comes in contact with steel it will slowly corrode. Contamination from steel —

even dust from steel repairs nearby — begins corroding the aluminum. Damage may not appear for

months or even years.

Q. I’ve heard aluminum cannot be repaired. Is that true?

A. Aluminum is unlike steel in that it doesn’t have a “memory” or “desire” to return to its original shape

once it’s damaged. It will want to remain in its damaged state, and you’ll need to apply different

techniques to assist it in returning to its original state, but some damage can be repaired.

Q. Are aluminum vehicle parts a new phenomenon?

A. No, many luxury brands have been using aluminum components for years. Audi, Jaguar Land Rover,

Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet Corvette, etc.; even the Ford Model T had some aluminum parts.

Q. Is aluminum more expensive to repair?

A. Because of the training, specialty tools and equipment required, and that fewer parts can be repaired

(versus steel), generally speaking, aluminum repairs may cost more than traditional steel repairs.

Q. Is it true that paint doesn’t adhere to aluminum as well as steel? Meaning, will I need a paint job in a few years?

A. No. Aluminum can be painted (when trained correctly) and it will last just as long as it would on steel.

Q. How do I know if a body shop is really trained and has the equipment to repair my vehicle?

A. Look for a shop that has a segregated bay for aluminum repairs only, with tools used only on aluminum.

And technicians trained specifically on aluminum – ask to see their certificates for aluminum repair and

welding. Shops that have invested in aluminum repair will not hesitate to share their equipment and

training certifications with you.

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