Aaron Bussard

From the moment I walked in the door, I was greeted warmly by Gabrielle at the front desk, and made to feel like anything but just another customer. In a world where businesses as these appear to crank out as many folks as they can, treating them like numbers only, placing an emphasis on volume and dollar signs, this experience was unique from the onset. The entire process was made personalized, with an emphasis on me and my truck.

The experience was heightened even more however, once I started working with my estimator Jason. Jason was beyond thorough in every facet of my claim, explaining everything he saw, and what he had planned in restoring my vehicle to pre-accident condition. What Jason failed to ever know, was that I am an adjuster and knew how the process should work from A-Z, while expecting to see some shortcuts taken by the Wicklund’s staff. What I found however was just the opposite. Jason was so diligent in his handling, outlining his thinking in every step of my claim, just as though I was clueless to the process. He was courteous, polite, professional, and eager to please. I knew going into the process that I would get superior workmanship, as I had had repairs completed with them before (albeit years ago). What I failed to anticipate however was just how seamless the process would go, and how committed the Wicklund’s staff would be to making me feel like their most prized customer.

Aaron Bussard

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