CARSTAR Explores the Unique Bond between Man and Machine

A recent study by CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts found American drivers do fall in love with their vehicles for a variety of reasons, dote on them with care and customization, then mourn their loss when they are sold or totaled.
why i love my car

“Drivers have a unique relationship with their cars,” said Dan Young, US President, CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts. “They name them, they talk to them, they protect them from the elements and damage. It’s no wonder it’s such an emotional time when something happens to their car. It can be heart-breaking to see your crumpled vehicle on the hook of a tow truck. That’s why we’re here. We try to take the stress and emotional duress out of the repair process, handle all the details for you, and get your car back to you in pre-accident condition as quickly as possible.”

So what do Americans love about their cars?

The color and style top the list for nearly 50 percent of respondents (48.15 percent), with power and performance following closely behind at 40 percent (40.74 percent). For others, it’s a matter of independence and pride, as 30 percent (29.63 percent) cited the independence their vehicle gives them as their key crush, while nearly 15 percent (14.81 percent) said their pride in paying it off helped inspire their love.

A wrecked vehicle can be a heartbreaking event.

When something happens to the vehicle they love, American drivers take it personally. Nearly 50 percent (48.15 percent) said seeing their vehicle totaled in a wreck would break their heart, while 22 percent (22.22 percent) said it would be like losing a best friend. Many drivers would treat it like a bad break-up, as nearly 30 percent (29.63 percent) said they would be angry about their loss. But there were some idealistic car lovers who looked on the bright side – nearly 26 percent (25.93 percent) said it would be an opportunity to fall in love with a new car and nearly 15 (14.81 percent) said they would buy another one just like it.

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